Tips On How To Keep Critters and Pests Out this Winter

A spider in the ceiling laying over it's web and nestWe've all probably experienced unwanted critters in our homes at some point, and it’s common for them to try to move in during the winter.

So it’s not a bad idea to get your home inspected, that includes both inside and underneath your home.

Spiders, rodents, even termites may be some of the unwanted house guests that may be living under your roof.

As it gets colder they’re going to start looking for a warm spot to cuddle up in.

"With cold weather obviously pests are trying to survive. So they're looking for a warm place to live. So that's why you’re seeing more activity as seasons change,“ says Kurt Dryer.

Spiders are definitely not a crowd favorite but one of the more common unwelcome pests.

But just because we see spiders more often doesn’t mean there the only thing you should be looking for…

"I'd say the biggest concerns if you had to pick three that are really problematic for a home owner's is rodent activity, spiders, and then obviously you have to watch out for termites,” says Dyer.

What a lot people don't know is that inspecting under your house and in crawl spaces, is just as important as inspecting the inside.

"There are a lot of pests that can come in during the winter. We've been seeing some mice coming in. Invading the crawl spaces, getting into the heat ducts for warm air and that's causing some problems on some of the houses we've recently listed,” says Realtor William Process.

Along with calling a pest company annually to inspect your home, there are some other things you can do at home to keep critters out.

"The main thing is to keep vegetation away from your home. Also look for piles of wood debris and things like that. So have a nice area of clearance around your home to stop pests from getting in,” says Dyer.

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Source: https://www.ktvn.com/story/41362331/tips-on-how-to-keep-critters-and-pests-out-this-winter
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