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Keeping Pests at Bay During Change of Seasons

cockroach.This is the time of year that pests find their way into your home, seeking warmth, food or a place to stay for the winter.

Invaders like the boxelder bug and lady bugs find cozy homes behind the siding on your house to spend their winter. Fall spiders are weaving webs you might find yourself walking into in the backyard.

A local extermination company says a little home maintenance can go a long way in preventing bugs from finding a way in. 

“Making sure you have seals around the doors. Any kind of caulking around window frames and siding. Making sure those things are sealed up as well as pipe openings, making sure those are filled and sealed,” Gerry Marsh with Pest Control said.

Marsh trapped a wolf spider in his garage prior to the interview. Wolf spiders eat other spiders.

“It’s a very common spider we are seeing right now and like I said, this is about half the size they can get to. But it’s something that probably a lot of homeowners are seeing,” Marsh said.

Leaving lights on outside can draw flying insects, which spiders and pests are drawn to.

Mice are another pest homeowners are seeing. Marsh says glue traps and poison can keep mice at bay for a couple weeks, but it becomes a problem because mice can reproduce so quickly. Mice are also a health concern.

Source: https://www.ksn.com/news/keeping-pests-at-bay-during-change-of-seasons/

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