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6 Things to Expect From Your First Pest Control Service Visit

pest control professional and homeowner discussing pest control process.Have you noticed a few extra spiders in the garage or some roaches skittering in the kitchen at night? It could be that you have a pest problem. If this is the case, something needs to be done right away. Removing rodents may cost a lot, but prevention is usually cheaper.

Keeping your home pest free is important for many reasons. Most importantly, no one likes the thought of creepy crawlies invading the home. Additionally, insects such as termites can cause damage to your home from the inside out. Because of this, it is vital to make a connection with a reputable pest control company in your area.

If you are considering pest control service for the first time, you may wonder what to expect from the initial visit. Once you know what to expect, the process is a bit less worrisome. We put together a list of six things you should expect from the first pest control visit.

A Professional Introduction

Your professional should arrive on time and come dressed in a uniform. He or she should introduce themselves to you upon arrival. You should feel comfortable with his or her presence in your home since the exterminator will need to move around both inside and outside. Therefore, make sure to ask any questions or voice any concerns now. Then, you'll be able to relax and the exterminator can do his or her job.

Entry Point Inspection

One of the most vital places the pest control representative will check is entry areas. This means checking around pipes, windows, doors, attics, garages, and crawlspaces. These are all areas where insects, rodents, and other pests enter the home. An inspection of these areas takes some time, as the professional will need to look for cracks and find hidden areas that could allow pests to enter. 

Yard Examination

Another important step is inspecting your yard and the rest of your property. In checking the outdoor spaces, he or she may find areas of concern for future pest issues.

Moisture Check

The exterminator will most likely check moisture in and around your home. A moist area is more likely to attract and harbor pests than one that is dry. He or she will use a flashlight and tools including a moisture meter to find areas that may pose a problem.

Review and Report

There’s a good chance that your exterminator will need to take a few minutes to put together his or her findings. Some pros put together an "official" report too. Expect the professional to spend a few moments in his or her car or at a table going over the information found and creating a plan for future treatments. Allow the pro to work alone during this time as it can be quite a challenge to put all of the information together in an easy-to-read format.


After your professional has all the data put together, he or she will sit down with you to discuss the findings. The idea is to inform you of exactly what is going on in your home. You should learn what he found, and what steps you need to take to remedy any current problems and prevent future ones. This is also a great time to ask any questions you may have about the inspection or future services. You may wish to ask if you need to use any precautions around pets, or if you need to do any follow-up care on your own.

Depending on what company you’re using, the pest control professional may go ahead and begin the first steps to treat your home. In most cases, he or she will complete this while you and your pets are still in the home. In any case, you should feel more comfortable about this step after the discussion. 

Although it seems simple to treat a home for insects and other pests, it can be a lengthy and complex process. When you understand exactly what your exterminator will do during the visit, you can prepare yourself and your family for what is ahead. Plus, you and your new pest control partner will be prepared to work together keeping your home happy and pest-free–now and in the future.

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