Biotech Pest Management is a pest control service, family owned and operated by a disabled Military veteran since 1986. From the very beginning, nothing has been more important to us than customer service, satisfaction and protecting your family and pets from unwanted pests.

Biotech Pest Management is led by Vince Ahern, who provides his professional pest control experience to the Charleston tri county area and as far as Columbia and Florence areas.

Biotech Pest Management solves residential, commercial, and government pest control problems. Our team understands that pest or wildlife problems are often unexpected and need to be taken care of right away. It’s our goal to help you address these concerns as soon as possible.

Biotech Pest Management has a vested interest in providing an environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution for your pest problems using treatments to best meet your specific needs.

After the initial treatment, Biotech Pest Management can help control the long-term risk of pest problems as well. Proper professional evaluation yields a strategic plan that can manage pests indefinitely. Intense preliminary treatment is often followed by ongoing service customized for the clients needs.

Our team is trained and has the experience and resources to assure protection and elimination of a wide variety of pests and wildlife. Biotech Pest Management is a Charleston, SC pest control specialist, offering top of the line service, expertise and over 30 years of knowledge and proven methods of pest and wildlife management.

Vince Ahern

Vince Ahern, disabled Military veteran and owner of Biotech Pest Management, which he proudly founded in 1986 to help tackle both residential and commercial pest and wildlife problems in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. While keeping the safety of your family and pets in mind, he dedicates his time and effort to satisfying every client by providing affordable and environmentally friendly pest extermination and control. His philosophy is “We are in the service business, we just happen to be exterminators!”
Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey has been with Biotech Pest Management for several years, and loves being able to interact and meet new people every day while helping them with the pest or wildlife problems they may be experiencing. From rodent and cockroach extermination, to raccoon, bat removal, and even Bed Bugs! Matt’s goal is to keep Charleston area homes and businesses pest free. “I want people to look forward to seeing me knowing I’m there to help, I want the experience to be what the customer remembers as well as the results!”

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Charleston, SC exterminator specializing in pest control services for residential and commercial properties.
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