Are you sick of spending your outdoor time battling pesky mosquitoes in your own back yard? Our friendly Biotech Pest Management staff knows our services inside and out and takes pride in working to determine the best mosquito control solution for you and your home or business.

Biotech Pest Management provides mosquito control services for residential and commercial properties throughout the Lowcountry. Our South Carolina certified exterminators perform our Barrier Spray treatments safely and effectively; servicing the entire Tri County area.

We individually price all our mosquito control treatments specific to each customer, based on the size of your property and the amount of mosquito habitat you have. This allows us to provide you with the most affordable option that is custom-fit to your pest control needs.

In addition to protecting your home from biting insects, Biotech Pest Management offers pest control solutions for commercial customers as well as pools, restaurants, and businesses. We also offer special event sprays for weddings, picnics, home BBQ's, birthday parties, graduations, etc.

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Neighborhoods & Living Communities

Biotech Pest Management can provide broad scale mosquito control to entire communities, including but not limited to areas around clubhouses, pools, tennis courts, administrative buildings, golf courses, jogging paths, nature trails,and yards. We design an outdoor mosquito control program tailored to each community’s specific needs.

Our Monthly Barrier Treatment is best suited to meet your needs for consistent control around your property during mosquito season.
  • Mosquito Barrier Treatments are a cost effective approach to killing and repelling mosquitoes.
  • During mosquito season (approximately March through November) our licensed and trained mosquito technicians will perform a barrier treatment in your yard as needed.
  • The length of the season is dependent on your location, environment, weather patterns, and harborage areas in and around your yard. The treatment itself will kill the mosquitoes in your yard as well as repel them from the treated area for up to 30 days.
  • As with all our mosquito control methods, we also offer Green Barrier Treatments using organic, bio-degradable products.
  • We can use mosquito traps, mosquito dunks or other methods when needed.
  • Our program follows an integrated pest management (IPM) approach and is fully customizable to provide you with the absolute best service and results in home or business mosquito control.
Special Event

Our Special Event Treatments are a modified version of our barrier treatments. You can call to schedule our service months in advance or just a few days before. We will work with you, your event planner or the event site to arrange a treatment time. We typically treat the area requested normally a couple days before your event for best mosquito control results.
With this in mind, we will customize the program to meet your specific needs. We will inspect your outdoor area for mosquito breeding and harborage areas. Next we will perform a surface spray treatment of the targeted area. We are extremely careful not to spray edible vegetation, Koi ponds or other sensitive areas. Then using a mosquito fogger we will jet fog harborage areas such as shrubbery, where mosquitoes rest. Finally our treatment includes larvaciding of mosquito breeding areas.

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