Our successful rodent control program begins with a thorough inspection that should always be conducted before any control work is started. Rodent signs are important to look, smell, or listen for: feces, runways, tracks, sebum, gnawing damage, burrows, urine stains, odors, visual sightings of live or dead rodents, and rodent sounds.

Our effective control involves sealing as many holes and cracks as possible on the outside of your home or business. Holes or cracks in your foundation will be stuffed with steel wool or wire mesh before sealing with foam to keep mice from chewing through; sealing openings into attic space, similarly, to keep mice and other unwanted guests out. Remember to keep materials, such as firewood or stacks of lumber away from the house to minimize hiding places. Debris and leaves should be removed from the foundation. We offer dead animal removal as well.

Our goal at Biotech Pest Management is to make your home or business the most comfortable place for you, with no worries of pests, rodents or any other obstacles. Contact us for a free wildlife removal inspection and quote.

Mice Infestation and Knowledge

Mice are everywhere! In the Charleston, SC area there is approximately 15 mice per acre! Mice only need 1/4 of an inch crack to squeeze into a space. They can have 8 litters per year, one female mouse could potentially be responsible for over 40 offspring in a year! Mice can cause a lot of damage, they are inquisitive and chew on just about everything. They contaminate food, cause electrical fires, and lots of allergies in humans. They also are carriers of many different human pathogens. They hunt for food mostly at night, but can be seen during the day as well. They build nests in the soft insulation of homes and can be anywhere in the structure. Each mouse can leave 60-100 droppings per day!

Norway, Brown, Sewer, and Wharf Rats

The Norway Rat has many names, it is called the Sewer Rat, Wharf Rat, or Brown Rat. Norway Rats can be gray or brown and their tails are shorter than their bodies. Norway Rats are great swimmers and love being near water sources. They are usually found living in crawlspaces or first story walls. They travel along walls and leave greasy oil stains on whatever they rub against regularly.
Roof, Black, and Ship Rats

The Roof Rat has many names as well, it has been called the Ship Rat and Black Rat, the Roof Rat is gray, black, or brown. Their tail is longer than its body and the tail has a charcoal, or dark gray color. Roof Rats are great climbers, and can enter structures from tree limbs, jump from structure to structure or even scale the wires connected to the house. They prefer to live up in the attics and between the walls of multiple storied houses or building.

Squirrels may be cute and funny to watch when taking a nice stroll through the park or watching them play on a tree in your backyard. But once they have found a way into your home or business they can turn ugly quick and be extremely destructive. Water lines, electrical wires and insulation in the attic space are only some of the many things squirrels can chew and destroy when making themselves a new home in your attic.
Rodent Treatment & Elimination Process
  1. Identifying type of rodent that is causing the problem and possible entry points.
  2. Eliminate the Rodent Infestation - We use trapping techniques to eliminate the current infestation. We then remove the dead carcasses and deodorize whenever necessary.
  3. Sanitize the structure from Feces and Urine - We treat the structure with powerful enzymes that eliminate the urine and feces throughout the structure. This erases the pheromones and keeps the rats from wanting to come back.
  4. Exclusion of Rodents from the Structure - The most important step is to identify entry points in the structure and make sure the mice and rats cannot get back in! This can be done by patching holes in the structure with steel wool or hardware cloth and spray foam, repairing crawlspace doors, replacing vent screens, or removing foliage around the structure.

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